Communications 4.0

Investment Required:

24,000,000 USD is required to finish 1000Kms remaining PVC pipe to enable 100% national coverage and to Blow 5 New Microfiber optics across 2600 Kms of pipe.

The Pipe can handle upto 7 New fibre optics.


Summarizing the potential revenues and benefits:

  1. From project (A), which requires 40 million USD
  2. From project (B) which requires 40 million USD
  3. From project (C) which requires 40 million USD.
  4. From Project (D) which requires 16 million USD
  5. DT X Project retains the 5th FIbre Optic for its Own IntraBlocknet Network to service its own Projects and services.

The total profit from these four ventures constitutes 80 million USD after past investment and future investment, which can be received within 2-7 years. (This does not consist of the DT X Projects or Services) Only projects A to D

Energy, Education, Smart Citie and Industry 4.0 applications projects listed below

Blockchain 4.0

Investment Required:

1,500,000 USD

Permissioned Nodes

Approx 1,500 Nodes to be the core blockchain national structure line will be required:

1,500 * 1,000 USD = 1,500,000 USD for Nodes

Tourism 4.0


Education 4.0

DLT Centre

Renovation of 4 floors * 1200 SQM total floor space (4800 M)



E-Gaming 4.0

Investment Required:

1,500,000 USD


Full suite operator( sports book +casino games)  both land based and online

Digital currency and blockchain applications



Banking 4.0


Energy 4.0


Smart Cities 4.0


Industry 4.0