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Derick Smith


Derick has filled technical and business roles including directorships, senior and middle management. Derick has worked in the US, Hong Kong, Europe, Africa and even briefly in South America.

Derick has sat on the boards several ventures in the areas of finance, equities and bonds. Derick assisted a number companies in transitioning to greater scale whilst retaining their edge and efficiency. Derick does not happily sprout "corporatespeak", but is happiest when something material is being done.

In 2014Derik was introduced to the compelling world of the blockchain. Derik has subsequently stepped back from other ventures to focus entirely on this groundbreaking technology. Derick has served in an executive capacity at several blockchain startups building out innovative products and services in this space. This has led him to what he sees as the pinnacle of his career - a re-imaging and re-engineering of the fabric of computing.

Dericks personal belief (shared by many) is that the capability we gain with blockchain will prove pivotal to most of the commercial, political and social issues of our time. This is one of several technologies coming to prominence, such as AI, 3D Printing, VR and AR, Robotics and IoT that are accelerating the already rapid changes in our world. Game on! Now we build, so less of the hype-sauce and more of the meat.

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