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Pieter van Ysseldijk

Pieter van Ysseldijk was trained as a EU lawyer in Brussels and London, qualified as a SFA corporate finance and banking representative in London and co-founded and sold a financial consultancy firm in London.


In 1995 Pieter took over and headed his family group of shellfish farming and processing companies in the Netherlands, with subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, Turkey, China, Ireland and Northern Ireland which investment in farming and processing was based on a socio-economic development programme for local fishing communities in conjunction with an ethical bank.


During his career Pieter has invested in and co-developed different technologies, ranging from different patented offshore shellfish farming technologies, a closed greenhouse technology using solar energy for self-sufficient aquaponics in remote arid geographical areas to a modular prefabricated light weight steel construction building technology, which eventually was sold to a Swedish mutlinational.


Pieter has served as a director on the board of asset management funds in Luxembourg, a London based family office and a state privatisation programme in Greece.

He has recently also acted as a management consultant for Belgium’s largest food retailer. He holds a BSc in Law from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, an LL.M from the University of London and an MSc in Investment Analysis from Stirling University. Pieter is also a qualified skipper holding full licenses in the UK and Greece.


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