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DPL 2.0



Blockchain Lab “DPL 2.0” ASEM, Building A, Room 807

Mission Objective:

Educational space, dedicated for students to work on blockchain related research and development that will be undertaken in partnership with the Drachmae Project, “DT Moldova, UK based consultancy and supported by DTMA, Distributed Technology Moldova Association, Moldova”.


The objective has been to create Moldova’s First blockchain laboratory in a university environment.


Goal Objectives:


Opening a new department of education and research within ASEM University to enable Collaboration internationally, Enabling Blockchain Courses and Seminars to be added to ASEM Portfolio of courses at a later period.

Media Presence for Blockchain Technology:




What will the first steps of DP Lab 2.0 be to start with:


  • 10th January Opening Introduction (Completed)

  • Initial Project announcements (Completed)

  • Media and PR Locally and Internationally (Completed)

  • Application for Interns (Ongoing)

  • Introduction and Project presentation for Positions available (February)

  • End of Year recruitment for Next Years students (Summer 2017)


Name Of Lab: Drachmae Project Laboratory 2.0


  • Student blockchain introductory courses with DTMA:

  • Public workshop courses with DTMA:

  • Future students internships recruitment

Targeted Student Domains:

  • IT Developers

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Strategy

  • Team Leaders

  • Branding

  • International Business

  • Financial Services

  • Tourism

Participating Projects for Interns must qualify for the following concerns:


  • Entity registration

  • Leading to potential job Placement (Full/Part Time)

  • Obtain remote workspace in IT4BA

  • Most importantly the Mentor/Trainer must be recognised and have Blockchain Experience

  • Also to agree that Internship can officially use the Internship work on their CV and act as Work reference.


What projects are already available in the LAB?


Drachmae Project:


Travel Applications:


TamTam Travels: New front end members area with affiliate marketing tools, and internal marketplace for dropping shipping good globally to enable JIO Token to have more flexibility on users uses and adoption.


Drachmae Business Travel: New Front end for users to subscribe to receive discounts on Events, travel and accommodation using JIO Token as method of Payment, Users will have to obtain a Discount code via channel partners to be able to gain access. Special app that offers event, meetups Early bird discounts and registrations.


Moldova Discount Travel 3.0: Dedicated booking platform with local discounts on many touristic locations, wining & Dining with locations logged onto the blockchain and E-Voting for best locations. Goal is to complete this by May for the European 30 city competition hosted in Chisinau, Moldova this year.


Refutraveler: As part of use case from Lesvos during the period visited numerous times and other camps in France also, it was explored the viability to introduce via Mobile App Educational games with incentivisation for tasks completed for the younger generation as they learn from visual and sound, As part of the initiative for the older generation to educate them around social and Digital media marketing to boost tourism in the local areas and provide them with incentives earned as rewards which they can exchange against local goods to their requirements with local businesses to boost the local economy.


DT X: Transnistrian Economic inclusion and cross pollination of services using P2P simulations towards the DT X White Paper E_Drachm V5.

Simulations will be done using Various Blockchain also Watson from IBM


Drachmae Market: As part of the steps to Moldova Drachmae Market is being setup as Moldova’s 1st Digital currency Exchange with Euro banking and will be adding Local currency is currently being organised, interns will work on front end of the exchange in Romanian, Russian and English. Connecting via API Moldova Discount Travel for instant conversions of crypto, also creating an APP for Kiosks to provide voucher loading mechanism to the Exchange.



Digital Identity is a fundamental building block of the overall sphere on digital interactions between people, organizations, artificial intelligences and assets. Within the digital identity framework being developed, the individual stands at the apex of a hierarchy, where individuals with their digital identities ultimately own all of the organization's, artificial intelligences and assets that also have digital identities.


The digital identities must be under the full control of the individuals in order to achieve the highest degrees of trust and security. However, the characteristics of the digital identities may be subject to verification depending on the context within any single digital identity is being used. This will require verification of the pertinent characteristic by a trusted party, which also has its own digital identity.


The construction of the digital identity characteristic verification tools is the subject of this project.


E-Voting and Wallet services: Liquid Marketing using NXT


Web wallet for the management of NXT based tokens as per previous functionality. With SMS interaction but are keen to extend Mobile App and Beacon integration as well as Stored Value Cards which can also double as ID cards.


As part of the on-boarding process it will require users to perform a Know Your Customer verification, typically using a valid 3rd party partner.

It will then be interesting in extending this functionality as part of a wider e-citizen initiative to cross reference Citizen information providing an immutable verification of their ID and therefore a mechanism that could be used to on-board to other Government or Corporate services including Voting.


For reference there is a real need at the moment for a recognised KYC and Customer Identity approach for Tier 2 & 3 banks and Money Providers to provide “Robust” proof of customer KYC in order to maintain Tier 1 lending. This is something that could be implemented.


Also to store all data and enable certain functionality via www.groovix.io . Groovix is a partnership leveraging existing regulation certified technology for recording, processing and storing data to international banking (MIFID / DODD Frank) and ISO standards.


E-Land Registry: by Chain Bytes trials over NXT


For any kind of property, it is important to have complete and immutable records of ownership. Doing proper KYC to properly identify the current owner is an integral part of this process.


Records can be used to:

• prevent fraudulent sales

• verify ownership is properly transferred

• resolve disputes of ownership

• protect property owner rights


Currently, people need to rely on a trusted third-party that is responsible for keeping track of ownership information.  These records can be lost or even improperly changed without the owner’s knowledge.


Having an easily accessible verifiable public ledger of all pertinent land registries is critical for real estate professionals and title companies involved in resale.

Current records kept by trusted third parties are presumed to be reliable and accurate but actually they are fraught with human errors and susceptible to physical damage and loss.


Since records on the block chain cannot be tampered with it would significantly help in reduction of fraud.


When an owner needs to be identified the entire transaction history for the property can be brought up and verified, the person claiming ownership of the property can be verified utilizing the current owner's private key.  If this key is lost or if the legal system needs to override ownership than a designated trusted third-party would be able to verify ownership.


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