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Voting & Wallet



web wallet for the management of NXT based tokens as per previous functionality. We will provide some SMS interaction but are keen to extend Mobile App and Beacon integration as well as Stored Value Cards which can also double as ID cards.


As part of the on-boarding process we can require users to perform a Know Your Customer verification, typically using a valid 3rd party partner. We would then be interested in extending this functionality as part of a wider e-citizen initiative to cross reference Citizen information providing an immutable verification of their ID and therefore a mechanism that could be used to on-board to other Government or Corporate services including Voting.

For  reference we know there is a real need at the moment for a recognised KYC and Customer Identity approach for Tier 2 & 3 banks and Money Providers to provide “Robust” proof of customer KYC in order to maintain Tier 1 lending. This is something that could be of interest.

We will store all data and enable certain functionality via www.groovix.io . Groovix is a partnership leveraging existing regulation certified technology for recording, processing and storing data to international banking (MIFID / DODD Frank) and ISO standards.

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