The volume of global information flow increases by 30%-40% every year. Taking into consideration the existing tendency, the construction of fiber optic networks and backbones, which speed up the information flow, becomes more and more strategically necessary. In view of importance and long lifespan of the fiber optic networks (the fiber optic cables are blown in special pipes, which can be used for hundreds of years) , their construction is considered to be one of the most  profitable and reliable forms of investments.

One key area that has been neglected and consistently oversighted around blockchain technology is how the very technology exists to date alongside the AI and IOT that is constantly expanding in the consumer and Industry 4.0 sector from which this increases the demand on the physical infrastructure and rollout for higher speed and network  security.

Communications 4.0, is a bit similar to a kind of “real estate” investment. But, at the same time, it represents investment & advancements in the new technologies, which are fundamental ones for operation of telecom operators, banks, consumers and Governments. We do not pursue a goal to become a local operator. Our main purpose is to provide a new communications infrastructure that is secured using blockchain technology and provides the resources to enable projects to build AI, IOT and so on over the the network, which will be used for the data transmission. It must be said, the maximum number of micro cables that can be put through the plastic pipe is seven.



IntraBlocknet National Communications Infrastructure 4.0


The Already Installed Telecom Infrastructure

Already installed 1531 kilometers of the underground plastic duct with diameter D = 40 mm. Therefore, having invested over 16 million USD. The cost per kilometer amounted 10450 USD including everything: set of permissions, installation cost, cost of the materials, cost of the pipe, etc.

The major part of the network’s route is laid in the railways buffer zone, this fact greatly increases the pipeline’s protection, as in this area the implementation of earthworks is prohibited for the outside organizations, By installing alongside the state railway we are also able to support the Industry 4.0 for Logistical networks.

The micro fiber optic cables can be blown through this pipe in 4-6 months. Then, by using special equipment, the existing fiber optic network may connect not less than 60% of the administrative centers of the country to Chisinau.

In order to connect other administrative centers of the country, we should build additionally about 1000 km of the network, including networks in administrative centers.