E-Gaming Moldova

Creating a new market leader of E-Gaming in Europe CIS and EU Region being first to the marketplace for digital currency & Blockchain E-gaming.

  1.    Proof of  Concept International Licence
  •       As part of the initiative to run a pilot to be exported outside of Moldova from the Economic Free Zones
  •       One basic game Keno, Virtual racing etc to be released
  •       Deposit of Bitcoin and couple of altcoins
  •       KYC/AML Process
  •       Training a small team to then become trainers themselves
  •       As part of the initiative to run
  •       First to market for Digital Currency E-gaming Licences.
  •       POC is to project and formulate competitive regulations and support to attract E-Gaming companies to Moldova and the Economic Free Zones based on services being exported outside of Moldova.
  •       Part of the scheme is to provide all in one solution for organisation with no experience in the market place.
  •       As part of the initiative for companies coming to Moldova to setup their business as part of the POC is to provide training for job prospects in the following fields, Accountancy, KYC/AML, Customer Services (Online or by Telephone), technical support and sales/marketing. (depending on the size and growth of E-Gaming companies they can require 10 to 1200 Employees to service their clientele 24/7/365)
  •       Implement a new banking 4.0 infrastructure to service Digital Currency E-Gaming companies
  •       As part of DT X Project with partnership of Accent Group the creation of AquaBank out of the Economic Free Zone from which there is currently no restriction or regulation opposing the creation of Digital Currency Payment platform to service outside of Moldova.
  •       November 2016 platform for converting Digital currency was put online but not made public Drachmae Market already with Euro Banking Authorised.
  •       Current climate Moldovan banks are not ready able to to service the payments industry for E-Gaming therefore via AquaBank strategic partnerships and corresponding banking will be created in order act between the banking sector and E-gaming sector to enable cash deposits converted to Digital currency.
  •       Implement (regulation and legislation around blockchain with the Assistance of (DTMA)
  1.    Moldova National Lottery Blockchain (1st in the world)
  •       World leader and setting example on the global stage
  •       Based on Camelot Grant scheme

From revenues of the Lottery % is allocated to supporting blockchain initiatives for Moldova which would be managed by DTMA) Distributed Technology Moldova Association

     Education and Science Development Fund of the Republic of Moldova (Focus on E-learning)

Example from Camelot the UK Lottery:

Since 1994, more than £37 billion has been raised for Good Causes, funding over 510,000 projects.

(Example Euro Lottery = International Digital currency lottery)

International Digital currency Lottery based out of the Economic Free zone to be exported globally creating inward investment and grants to attract foreign projects in Moldova using blockchain technology

  •       Blockchain for transparency

    Blockchain for validation of wins  , instant payments  , less costs=bigger revenues for the operator


  1.    Economic Zone and data centre    

     + e-gaming license (one of the parameters on providing the license will be that servers will be located in the datacenter of the EZ.

     + Ability to offer Customer Service services to the Operators(this can be used also for traditional operators in CIS region)

     + Raise awareness for Economic Zone and attract customers from different segments in the Betting and Gaming industry (consultants , mega affiliates , operators , facilitators , etc)

    + Ability to use e-gaming to create jobs and help the local community.(connected with 2.)


E-Gaming Financial Services

Un-Coded-Gaming or "UCG" is literally unlicensed online casino, betting, poker etc. Most credible operators do have a gaming license - and this could be Europe, Curacao, Costa Rica and several other jurisdictions - and the credibility of these varies. Traffic run in these licensed countries and areas covered by said license will be classed as Coded Transactions.

UCG is when an operator  is running in locations where the licenses are not valid at all. Unfortunately these are some of the highest revenue locations and as such the demand for UCG is high.

Main issue for most banks and card acquirers is to know 100% the operators running UCG transactions are fully risk aware and qualifying their clients to ensure any Card Scheme violations are avoided at all costs.

An immediate need for:

  • $15-25 MM potential per month, per channel if we have it. If we had 10 new channels we could fill it.
  • Sophisticated fraud screening gateway.
  • Database of mystery shoppers and also know what triggers we should be looking for.

The KYC we collect includes all the usual to comply with Money Laundering regulations which includes; Director/Owner Government ID that has been verified, Recent utility bill (no more than three month old), company information (Mem & Arts, Cert of Inc., Directors/Shareholders), banking information, detailed processing history of at least 6 months.

Only process approved URL's plus require absolute confirmation from merchants traffic is all VIP.  

Require details of merchant's VIP screening procedures and that they have performed basic KYC on all their customers - in many instances this means each customer has registered their card, ID and utility bill with the gaming merchants.  

Only customers who have used the merchant's site for at least three month and have completed at least 20 transactions, so that the merchant has a customer spending pattern and relationship, before they are classified as VIP customers.

No Card Scheme violations in over 4 years.