Rapid Urbanization Challenges


The world is experiencing an unprecedented transition from predominantly rural to urban living.

The quality of a city’s infrastructure is central to the resident’s quality of life, social inclusion and economic opportunities.

Inadequate planned expansion of cities can also leave urban populations highly exposed to the effects of climate change.

Rapid and unplanned urbanization can also lead to urban violence and social unrest.


Smart City Goals

Improved city operation & services level.

Improved residents daily life quality.

Economic boost & business enablement.


The Vision

A city as a platform for:

Digital transformation & services.

Data sharing & the use of open data in a safe and reliable manner.

Social sustainability & Economic growth.


Smart City Users


 Smart City Operating Framework

An environment that is flexible, effective, comfortable and secure through the use of integrated technological building systems, communications and controls. 


Real-time monitoring of:

Building systems

Environmental conditions

Energy efficient optimization of lighting, utilities and HVAC

Onsite renewables - solar/recycling

Cost effective


Smart Utilities/Infrastructure


Smart Building Sensors/Systems


Smart Utilities/Infrastructure

 Smart Grid

Water Technologies

Waste Management

Smart lighting poles network


Smart Grid

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)

Distributed energy resources (DERs)

Grid sensing - power meters, voltage sensors, fault detectors

Demand response capacity

Increased reliability

Full transparency on distribution level and automated loss prevention


Smart Water Technologies

Monitor leaks, bursts, pressure, water quality and faulty assets

Reduce water loss

Shorten repair cycles

Automated meter reading

Water infrastructure security

Sensor array “Big Data” analytics

Identify the pipes most at risk for pipe bursts

Tracking & monitoring consumption


Waste Management & Recycling

Intelligent remote monitoring

IoT Fill-level Sensors

Removal trucks route optimization

Waste monitoring, alerts & prediction

Pickup and collection activities RFID Tracking


Waste Treatment/Disposal Facilities

Waste recycling centers

Sludge treatment

Composting plants


Smart Lighting Poles 

 Efficient LED lighting

Integrated sensors

Adaptive lighting controls

Real-time monitoring / intelligent network management


 Smart Transportation/Mobility

Intelligent traffic systems

Smart parking

Mobility Sharing

Traffic Operation Information Service (TOPIS)


Intelligent Traffic Systems

Dynamic traffic light sequence

Traffic enforcement system

Variable speed limits

Travel time prediction

Traffic data analysis

Transport visualization, quality management and statistics

Visualization of signal of signal timing plans, intersections and green waves


Smart Parking

Parking real-time guidance:

Availability visualization (Phone / Digital Signs)

Point of interest based search

Rates / policy information


Sensors and meter integration

Violation detection and reporting





Revenues & Enforcement reports


 Mobility Sharing

Car / Bike sharing services

Car pooling social platforms


 Traffic Operation Information Service

 Monitor & visualize traffic conditions in real-time

Value-added traffic information services to the public

Incident detection & response management

Fight congestion by intelligently influencing traffic on the road


 Smart Education

Content creation

Content distribution

Class management

Student assessment




Distance education

Individualized learning

Student motivation and engagement


Smart Healthcare 

Smarter care, delivered with greater precision, for healthier patients, populations and communities

Collaborative, Connected Health Community

Clinical care less bounded by distance, physical location or setting

Reduced capital and operating expenses of hospitals facilities


 Smart Hospitals

Connectivity and Data Aggregation

Care coordination

Optimization of patient flow

Better Inpatient Experience


Telemedicine & E-Health

Allowing healthcare professionals to remotely evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using ICT

Improving patient relationships and promoting preventative care

Quick & timely follow-up on discharged patients


Smart Security/Safe City

Safer Urban Environment

Detect potential threats and risks

Deployment of security means based on threats and risk analysis

Enhanced Situation Awareness

Effective Resolution of Events

Addressing common threats


Smart Security - Sensors

Video surveillance

Bi-directional audio (intercom)

Panic buttons (SOS Call Points)

Public announcement

Video analytics (Sixth Sense)

LPR (License Plate Recognition)

Access control

Open sources (social networks)


Smart Security - Sixth Sense

Situational awareness in dense urban scenes

Automatic detection of human suspicious behavior

Real time automatic alerts on suspicious behavior

Operator utilization improvement


Smart Security - Open Source information

Open source crawling

Focus on Social Media

Ontology driven data collection

Automated text analysis (multiple languages)

Rule based Alerts


Smart Environmental Monitoring

Fixed & mobile air pollution sensing

Real time Air Quality Index (AQI)


Public alert dissemination


Air Pollution Monitoring & Forecasting

“Machine learning” based city forecasting tool

Emission measurements integrated with weather data & other parameters

Data constantly streamed and collected remotely from the field

Comprehensive turnkey Cloud- based remote air quality monitoring


Smart Governance

Billing & Payments

Land use Management

Business Licensing

Open data / archive

Unified system for all municipal payments

Integrated automatic remote metering

A complete solution for managing the space and parcel units

Support outdoor and indoor layouts

Combined geographic and alphanumeric information

Advanced search engine and simulation tools generate important knowledge out of raw space data


 Open Data / Archive

Public access to municipality open data


Smart Municipal Services

“Push” Relevant information to residents

Personalized digital communication

Public participation

City portal

City mobile app

City Data Kiosk

City Membership Club/Resident card


City Portal

Centralized point of information for residents, businesses and visitors

Access to municipal services

Access to municipal archives

City news & events


City Mobile App

Access to city services “On The Go”

Array of location based services:

What’s around?


Report an incident


City Data Kiosk

Enables touch screen interactive applications and rich media to deliver

Improved customer experience

Increased revenue opportunity

Operational efficiency

Build and re-use applications built on standard technologies

Extends digital media systems platform


City Club / Residents Card

The next step in municipal services & communications

Offer residents information & a wide variety of special deals based on their unique profile

Customized digital services that enable transactions with the Municipality


Smart City IOC

Centralized “Control tower” for the city

On-going monitoring & management of city infrastructure and services

City’s Command and Control center for crisis management or special events


Smart City Intelligent Operations Center

Different functions may be physically remote but still connected


Smart City IOC- Recording & Debriefing

Record all sources on site:

Audio, video, computer Screens and Data Networks

Continuous Recording (24/7, data & metadata)

Replay all sources synchronously

Real - time debriefing

Rich set of replay and editing features

Large archive, easy search of events

Training facilitator


Cyber Security Challenges


Unauthorized appropriation of data or technology

Altering information/data, applications or technology with direct and potentially significant effect on availability and integrity

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Loss of reputation


Solutions & Best Practices

Isolation of trusted resources from public resources

Disaster recovery and backup services

Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Data Protection Directives

Digital access control systems

City computer Emergency Response Teams