Rostering & Bartering “Basic income through information wealth”


R & B Project

The modern technology revolution and fiat currency boom (doom) wiped-out “purchasing power” ability based economic prosperity. The greatest example is India,  throughout recorded human history and up to 1800 AD it was one of the richest and prosperous country in the world with robust and simple economic model  based on “purchasing power based debt and bartering, and bullion backed goods movement “.

Our ideas is “robust and simple “ economic model using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology achieving “basic income” for every human in this planet through information wealth based bartering .

A “slightest change”  in way we do things everyday, we can achieve marvelous “modification” in society. Simply changing ourselves being a “product” into “system”… benefiting our self and the people surrounded us and the people in  the distant land whomsoever virtually connected with us.

Let’s begin the “benefit to all”.

Roster, Barter and Exchange


Rostring: Needs and Talents

A mobile application consist of 52 buckets

Each bucket stores our generic 52 week needs and talents

Needs are like purchasing information, holiday plan and various thing, which the user “used to buy”

Talents are like education, craftsmanship and time availability for doing certain things, which the user can “able to sell”



Each user assigned with bartering amount from $600 to $12,000 for a year based on their countries basic purchasing power ability

The app consist of five blocks.

1) Information rostering center

2) Roster information converted into cryptocurrency

3) E-commerce and jobsite where goods can purchased and talent can be sold

4) Bill can be processed through mobile money, cryptocurrency or online payments

5) Even though payments but the system will money in escrow for time period, in between purchasing, selling will be converted into virtual bartering and the money used to buy will be kept in escrow for future

The objective is only one quarter the person need to use cash for  purchase which will be moved to escrow for future guarantee.

Universal Basic Income

If the government ready to pay minimum amount as universal basic income for foods and survival for each citizen than our escrow based model will give robust and simple solution for the benefiters, because it try to document the citizen needs and talents and further exchanging it.

Primary objective is connecting the regular needs and exchanging  the availability in a time duration with various users

Money used only as guarantee for product sold and forcing the user to buy something which will convert transaction into a virtual bartering