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DP Asset Fund

Use Case to Viable business opportunity:

During the simulations of use cases we discover viable business opportunities that should not be forgotten and should become reality.


www.drachmae.co.uk & www.dtmoldova.md


Alongside this by supporting DTL Technology for young entrepreneurs via Drachmae Laboratory 2.0 we have now moved into new realms of exploration to support up and coming talent.


What is the DP Asset Fund:


Traditional asset allocation fund is a mutual fund that provides investors with a portfolio of a fixed or variable mix of the three main asset classes - stocks, bonds and cash equivalents - in a variety of securities. Some asset allocation funds maintain a specific proportion of asset classes over time, while others vary the proportional composition in response to changes in the economy and investment markets.


Why invest into the DP Asset Fund:


Blockchain Micro Asset Funds

Business models from Drachmae Project that have been worked on and getting ready to be released are the first asset holdings to be allocated to the fund.

Internal opportunities from Drachmae Project will allocate 25% to 50% of the profit revenues will be allocated to the Asset Fund.


As part of the initiative to encourage students to become Startups and entrepreneurs with their own projects seed funding is negotiable 7% to 50% for DP Lab 2.0 Start Ups based on the viability of the project and problem solving, but most of all how mainstream users can adopt.

Lab Information: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1777721.msg17733713#msg17733713

Travel Information: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1661208.msg16676460#msg16676460


DP Asset Fund is not only to create a portfolio around Drachmae Project, but to offer support to others at the mean time offering a mixed basket of portfolio opportunities in one hand and reducing risk to DP Asset Fund Credits Holders.


Will I be able to Trade my DP Asset Fund Credits?

Yes, You will be able to trade your DP Asset Fund Credits on Drachmae Market and Distribution of royalties will be disbursed via Drachmae Market.

Royalties will be distributed in DT Token, JIO Token and Bitcoin as they are easy to distribute and convertible to fiat for holders of DPAFC.


What are the primary holdings included in the DPAF pool of holdings?

Drachmae Travel Club (50% Allocated) www.drachmaetravel.com

Drachmae Market (50% Allocated https://cne.drachmae.market

TechAnnouncer (50% Allocated) www.techannouncer.com

DP Crypto Fund https://goo.gl/1FPmyC

Drachmae Travel Club & Jio Token

Back end Members area that services the following projects:

TamTam Travels

Drachmae Business Travel


Moldova Discount Travel

How many DPAF Creditz will exist?

Total of 1,000,000 will exist but only 10% will be released Initially.

0.0025 BTC = 1 DPAF Creditz Closing date of sale 31st of March 2017

0.0025 BTC - 25% Discount when using JIO Token 0.001875 = 1 DPAF Creditz Closing date 28th February

0.0025 BTC - 50% Discount when using DT Token 0.00125 = 1 DPAF Creditz Closing Date 15th of March 2017


To get DPAFC you can purchase on https://cne.drachmae.market/




How will the royalty distribution happen?

Distribution will be done Via Drachmae Market once a Month and as the portfolio expands it will go to fortnightly and weekly.


Where will DPAF Be traded?

On Drachmae Market will be tradeable against various markets and even Euros

Now Live on https://cne.drachmae.market

Revenue Forecast:


Drachmae Market:

Drachmae Market is currently being setup in Moldova to become Moldova’s 1st Crypto Currency Exchange with Euro, USD and Moldovan LEU as


Target to achieve 50,000 to 100,000 $ a day trading in the First 6 months = 50$ to 100$ in Royalties per day

Remaining work to be done on front end in Romanian, Russian and English




Previously there was no fee for submitting articles or google ads, but we are now implementing a small fee on submission of certain articles which currently amount to 15+ submissions a Day.


Drachmae Travel:

Over 6 months from April we are focusing on achieving 3000 Members with a monthly subscription which will generate 6$ to 12$ per month


18,000$ to 36,000$ Per month which would mean 9000 to 18,000$ paid out in Royalties.


There are more projects to be added but not until we have fully launched the above.


DT X at a later stage will also be added into the fund https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1731319.msg17323364#msg17323364

Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining is currently being explored in a Free Economic Zone 

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