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Distributed Ledger Technology “Blockchain” has the potential to change the way we transfer value from person to person in the same way that email and the World Wide Web changed the way we transfer information. However, significant challenges exist in helping to educate and inform businesses, the public, government and regulatory bodies as to the true potential of the underlying technology.


DT Moldova has been created to inform public debate, influence the design of jobs and growth-friendly policy and regulation for Moldova, to educate the public and to provide a fact-based source of media comment as peer-to-peer Digital Currency & Blockchain technologies, such as Bitcoin, gain wider attention.



Blockchain has already expanded into multiple types and complementary technologies that are also based upon the novel concept of The Blockchain. Such innovations will continue to emerge as a wider ecosystem evolves in the years to come and we aim encompass all relevant future developments as and when the landscape dictates.

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