DT X is building the next generation model from the grassroots of infrastructure Telecommunications 4.0 to IOT, Industry 4.0, Education 4.0 and financial services (Banking 4.0) leveraging Distributed Ledger technology. (Going beyond code and blockchain)


Our approach is a first of the kind via grassroots projects that will be piloted within two countries: Republic of Moldova & Democratic Republic of Congo.


The aim is to empower whilst going beyond the traditional and typical approach of projects by targeting the sore points globally, opposed to the traditional proposals and whitepapers of a target market of 2 billion people who currently don’t have access to banking across the world.

DT X is based over four years of trials and errors of sub projects to evaluate the conditions and possible prospects, from which each and every time they fall back to the reliance on National Infrastructure and resources which varies from country to country.                           


  • Communications 4.0

  • Smart Cities 4.0

  • Banking 4.0

  • Education 4.0

  • Energy 4.0

  • Industry 4.0

  • Tourism 4.0

  • E-Gaming 4.0


Instead of promoting specific problems and identifying alternative underlying issues DT X is targeting the core root of the issue then apply by layers solutions to solve specific requirements.

A network will be created to enable Voice, SMS and data with the extra layer of financial services and E-Administration services to support local communities and governments alike. (IoT, “Industry 4.0” and Smart City applications)

DT X is more evolved around Telecommunication infrastructure merged with Distributed Ledger Technology over its own Network on a national scale thus securing all information and providing Industry 4.0 the infrastructure to grow and create economic growth whilst supporting Fintech, Education and Public or Private services.