Women are still underrepresented in the cyber security workforce. What can organisations do to bridge this gap?

Gender diversity is a critical element of successful cyber security

Cyber security has become one of the hottest and fastest-growing fields in technology across the globe today. Despite the continuous growth in cyber security spending and opportunities, women’s representation in the cyber workforce remains low – even more so than in IT.


To inspire the next generation of cyber professionals by working with schools and universities, delivering cyber security awareness sessions and providing opportunities for students to meet women who work in cyber.


To foster growth and development of cyber for personal development, targeting activities to address gender imbalances at different levels, developing a community of connected individuals and promoting the importance of diversity in our teams. Work collaboratively across the industry with partners to provide similar opportunities and mentoring those who are starting their own initiatives.


To make an impact beyond by enhancing female cyber professionals with the tools to thrive in any role. To host external speaker events, roundtable events, and educational series to upskill cyber professionals and those considering a career in cyber.